Meta tags are snippets of text that describe a page’s content; the meta tags don’t seem on the page itself, however only within the page’ supply code. Meta tags are primarily very little content descriptors that facilitate tell search engines what an internet page is about.

The sole distinction between tags you’ll see and tags you can’t see is location: meta tags only exist in HTML, sometimes at the “head” of the page, then are only visible to go looking engines.

The “meta” stands for “metadata”, that is that the quite information these tags provide – data concerning the info on your page.

There are 2 vital sort of meta that developers will use:


The title tag is that the title text that’s shown in programme listings. i do know that this is often not essentially a meta tag, however it equally functions like one.


The meta description tag is wherever you’d wish to place your web site’s summary. this is often where you set what your site is all about and what you’re providing people. It mustn’t be too long as a result of the search engines solely browse up to a precise variety of words.

You can use this tool Free Meta Tag Generator to generate Meta Tags.